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Literature Dump -- February/March 2017
HV - To Contemplate One's Nature {Random Excerpt}
   Snapping his fingers, he smiled crazily as a flame sprang to life in his palm. He cradled it for a second. "Do you know why I like fire?"
   No answer.
   "I like fire because it's alive. It's lively and hungry and bright, and it has a heartbeat. And it's mortal. No other element can die but fire."
   Still, silence.
   "You don't agree with me? Then listen. Water evaporates, but it's still water. It doesn't go away. It just changes shape. Electricity is just energy: it, too, changes form instead of disappearing." His eyes glinted. "But fire is not like the others. It comes into existence...and it leaves. It doesn't change. It simply stops.
   "Fire is hungry and it has a personality. Fire likes to be in control; it likes to show how powerful it is and it doesn't care who gets in its way. It takes beautiful things and turns them to ashes. It's the most dev
:iconsteakbitr2:SteakBitr2 3 4
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Welcome by Dri-Bee
how do I get to heaven? by T-E-R-R-I-F-I-E-D
I’m on top of the world, ‘ay
I’m on top of the world, ‘ay
Waiting on this for a while now
Paying my dues to the dirt
I’ve been waiting to smile, ‘ay
Been holding it in for a while, ‘ay
Take you with me if I can
Been dreaming of this since a child

Moon Phase Divider by crowmap

Have a nice day!

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This piece manages to be bright and lively but not overwhelming; it feels both peaceful and vivid, which is not an easy mood to pull of...

I really think that this is a great piece of art. The motion is smooth. It reminds me a lot of the original Sonic the Hedgehog sprites....


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Nóscitur ex sóciis
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navy star circle dividers by cal-vain

She Is Known By Her Companions
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Greetings! Here lies an unquenchable obsession with art, literature, retro games, snakes, robots, opera ghosts....well, all sorts of fantastic subjects! At the heart of it is a [hopefully] strong love for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I owe him everything I am.
As you can see, I am the SteakBitr. In my domain dwells the MiniBitr, which would be my younger brother; my parents, the Empress of Backrubs and her Emperor; and the animals, consisting of two dogs, over twenty-one chickens, a whole slew of cows, one sadistic lovebird, a freakish feline, two horses, several turkey, a small herd of goats, and an endearing donkey. You are most welcome to my gallery.
I will strive to be polite and gracious to all with whom I interact here on this website. It is my strict policy not to upload mature content or include curse words in my commentary, so you need not fear of that. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me! I love to chat.
Much love to my best friend, MartynStorm...I miss you, and you must watch out for those llamas....also to FemaleRavage (now KaonRung), who inspired me to keep drawing in the first place!
God bless you all, and many thanks for your time!

storm city square divider by cal-vain

Commissions: On hold
Requests: Closed
Art Trades: Ask
Collabs: Closed
I'll open some more slots after I finish the filled ones. Stay tuned!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

[Head-To-Waist for SalaAlternateFinished]
[Head-To-Waist w/ background for Unbeatablemeghan13Finished]
[Head-To-Waist w/ background for Unbeatablemeghan13Finished]
[Heads-To-Waists for SalaAlternate / On Hold]

  1) Read through the rest of the journal and decide what sort of drawing you want me to make. Please keep in mind that, while some of the example art contains multiple characters, I will only be drawing one character per commission piece.
  2) Comment on this journal specifying how many slots you want, of what type; also, include references to the character (or characters) you would like me to draw. Add a little information about their personality if you like—it helps me with expressions and posing! I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
  3) After I have responded to your comment, you can go ahead and gift me the points. I will get to work on your purchase as soon as I receive them.
  4) That's all! Once I finish, I'll upload the completed drawing to DeviantART and link you in the description.

  - I will draw humans, anthros, animal/beast characters, fan characters, and robots. If you like, I can draw your anthro character as a human or vice-versa.
  - I will not draw overly-complex designs (simply because I don't feel like my skill level's quite up to it) or overly-sexualized characters. If your character is too skimpily-dressed, you can be sure that I'm going to put some more clothes on them when I draw them. Be prepared!
  - Because drawing is a lengthy and difficult process for me, I will not be offering refunds for a finished piece if you are not satisfied with it. Please make sure you are willing to spend your points on my art before you commission me.
  - I have access to a limited amount of colors, so I may not be able to get your character spot-on when it comes to palettes; however, I promise to do the best I can.

On to the examples! Please pardon the old art.

HEADSHOT (Ink Only): 100Points
Alphonse {Inks} by SteakBitr2Let's Make a Trade {Inks} by SteakBitr2

HEAD-TO-WAIST (Colored, No Background): 150Points
You Little Stinker by SteakBitr2LadyUnorthodox's Lovely Little Freak by SteakBitr2

HEAD-TO-WAIST (Colored With Background): 200Points
AT: Soul Catching by SteakBitr2
[Comm] Unbeatablemeghan13's Lelouch by SteakBitr2

Thank you for your time! Have a lovely day. :D
   Heya, guys! It's Friday, and you know what that means...more snake pictures! Yay!
Untitled by SteakBitr2
Untitled by SteakBitr2

   Today I held a western hognose snake, which was a lot of fun because they have so many fascinating adaptations to talk about! These guys not only have interesting faces, but also play dead and mimic venomous snakes (like rattlers and cobras) to trick predators into leaving them alone. And they skootch along like slugs instead of zig-zagging or moving more fluidly. Not to mention the fact that they're just plain cute.
   From here on out, I'm going to be sharing these snake photos on my Twitter instead of in these journals; that way you guys aren't bombarded with this stuff every week. Please check it out if you're interested! :D I'm probably going to post WIPs there every now and then as well. 
   Here's my Twitter:
  • Listening to: Great Books lectures
  • Reading: Paradise Lost by John Milton
  • Watching: Chuck (again)
  • Drinking: Water. Water is my friend.
Please favorite the art, not the journal! Thank you!

   My partner-in-crime MartynStorm just uploaded this lovely picture of our babies and you all need to go put some love on it because it's beautiful
Pryder by MartynStorm
Just look at that gorgeous hair, holy crackers

  • Listening to: Great Books lectures
  • Reading: Paradise Lost by John Milton
  • Watching: Chuck (again)
  • Drinking: Water. Water is my friend.
   My Instagram is already 40-50% snakes,'s Eden the ball python.
Image by SteakBitr2
   She wouldn't keep her head still for this picture at first, but unlike the first time I held her, she was very calm and wasn't unsettled when I switched her from hand to hand. She's got the most precious face...gosh, I love her. I want to steal her and bring her home. 
   Also, I held Salvador again! He actually managed to grab onto my belt loop like I was warned about. And he's pretty heavy. My hand was shaking uncontrollably after I put him down for the day.

   Someday, I should make a journal for all my fun zoo volunteer stories. 

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Oh yeah! I've got a few pics for reference here: It's the blue-haired guy. I thought I had sent it to you already...sorry about that! He's got on a few different outfits in there so you can just pick the one you like best. :)
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   I know all the pics have other characters in them, but he's the curly-haired guy. 
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